Qualification Consulting

Qualification consulting in small and medium-sized enterprises

The purpose of qualification consulting is to support companies in the area of personnel development and employee qualification while incorporating operational requirements, needs and structures into the process.

Qualification consulting helps companies take an active role in continuing education and assists them with planning and implementation of qualification measures, and the use of practicable instruments designed around their corporate goals. In doing so, qualification consultants take into account numerous interest groups within the company and involve them in the development process. The standards for professional consulting services in this area are commensurately high.

The services on offer from k.o.s. GmbH are oriented toward small and medium-sized enterprises and providers of consulting services and qualification consulting.

  • We assist and support consulting providers and qualification consultants in the implementation of quality assurance measures and the systematic reflection and planning of their consultancies.
  • We directly support small and medium-sized enterprises with operational qualification issues and training planning through consulting, workshops and project management.

We have developed a quality concept and a competence model for qualification consultants as a basis for approaching tasks and activities in the field of qualification consulting.
For both our own consultancy and other providers of consulting services this provides a foundation for the implementation and description of relevant processes and the use of quality criteria for company-centered consulting services.

We actively participate in both regional and supra-regional projects and networks for the promotion of quality in qualification consulting. Qualification Consulting in Berlin is just one of the networks we are involved in.

We are happy to provide you with additional information on our consulting and support services.

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