SERFA - SERvice For Apprenticeship

Short description

All studies and statistical surveys, wherever they are carried out, clearly show that apprenticeships are essential to develop sustainable employment (including gaining skills, passing knowledge within the company, tutorship, etc.).

SERFA brings together partners who are willing to work towards greater attractiveness and efficiency of apprenticeships through delivering innovative methods, services and tools to the businesses, learners and training organisations. So, the "SERvices For Apprenticeships in SMEs" Project is basically aimed at all apprenticeship stakeholders: businesses, training centres, state organisations for employment and training, apprentices and, of course, the general public to whom it may also be beneficial.


During the project, each partner will survey the businesses across their area on their needs, their viewpoints and proposals about apprenticeships to better understand barriers faced by SMEs when engaging with apprenticeship schemes and to identify the SMEs needs to overcome those barriers. Furthermore, the project is willing to support businesses in identifying their potential to offer apprenticeships vacancies and promote the value of apprenticeship in SMEs and their benefit.

It is indeed the major goal of the SERFA project to enhance the efficiency of the partners' communication about their work and ensure better readability and greater performance of apprenticeship schemes, in the interest of lasting employment and businesses. Therefore, innovative means will be offered to achieve a more efficient communication among businesses, learners and training centres and direct support services and tools for SMEs engagement in apprenticeships (looking at tutoring support, employment legislation, recruitment support, access to funding, etc ...) will be designed and delivered. Furthermore, one of the project's goals is a targeted communication and involvement of employers in an "Apprenticeship Champions” Network and campaign.


The project is a Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training. It is funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ and implemented at the initiative of the EU Commission.


Here you can find our project flyer.

Project duration

Oct. 2016 - Sep. 2018

Contact person
Dr. Anja Lietzmann
Telefon: +49 (30) 2887 565 16

Göntje Schoeps
Telefon: +49 (30) 2887 565 11