Additional qualifications for digital competences

Additional qualifications for digital competences in apprenticeship and further training


The digitalisation of the working environment and its impacts on company-based training and further training are central challenges for both, employees and employers. Additional "digital competences" are required to ensure future employability and to strenghten the competitiveness of enterprises.


The pilot project aims at strengthening apprentices, employees and VET personnel for the challenges and changes in an increasingly digitalised working environment. While each occupation requires specific digital competences there are also general digital competences that apply cross-occupational. The project exemplarily analyses occupations of three sectors, thereby identifying required specific and general digital competences. Based on findings, additional qualifications for digital competences will be developed.

Project aims
  • to provide enterprises with relevant additional qualifications for digital competences
  • to develop corresponding vocational training courses for apprentices and employees
  • to support VET personnel in enterprises and vocational schools with adequate training measures

Pilot approach

  • To meet these objectives the pilot approach consists of various steps
  • needs analysis and description of digital competences (basis to describe additional qualifications)
  • development of an additional qualification for cross-occupational digital competences
  • development of specific additional qualifications for digital competences in the industrial sector (occupation: mechatronics technician); in the craft sector (occupation: plant mechanics for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems) and in the health and care sector (occupation: care specialist)
  • Development of learning-teaching concepts and curriculas regarding specific and general digital competences

Stakeholders and Dissemination

Grafik Stakeholders and Dissemination.JPGThe project is a collaboration of various stakeholders in the fields of VET, business economy, politics and science that are constantly involved in development processes.

An Advisory Board monitores the overall processes and the transfer of results; an expert group reviews findings for consensus between involved stakeholders and initiates the following steps.

Experts from enterprises and VET schools are involved in thematic workshops and explorative interviews.

The project is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women´s Issues within the framework of Berlin´s labour market programme BerlinWorks.

Project realisation by:

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Contact Person
Anne Röhrig
Telefone: +49 (0)30 2887 565 18