Initial Vocational Education and Training

Initial vocational education and training

k.o.s GmbH supports companies with a range of services to optimize the design of their initial vocational education and training. An essential instrument for this is the "Quality Concept for Initial Vocational Education and Training" (Qualitätskonzept für die betriebliche Ausbildung) and a diverse range of monitoring and consulting services.
The quality concept places the design of the trainees' work and training at its center and aims to involve all of the training participants in the quality development process.
We offer a range of instruments and work aids, as well as publications which can be used by interested companies to assure the quality of initial vocational education and training.

We assist companies in determining, describing and implementing their own training quality levels. Using selected quality requirements, companies with vocational programs define their concept of what constitutes the minimum standards of a good training program and how they plan to implement those standards. What results from this assessment are quality measures and processes that enable companies to ensure good quality training.

The quality concept, as well as support in the form of consulting, instruments and working aids, are the result of the Berlin IVET Quality in Training Networks pilot program implemented from 2010 - 2013 by k.o.s GmbH in cooperation with the ABB Training Center GmbH & Co. GG.
The continuation of the project on behalf of the Berlin Senate Administration for Employment, Integration and Women aims to perpetuate work already completed while introducing additional concepts in support of systematic training planning and implementation.

We are happy to provide you with additional information and offer you a consultation with regard to your practical training, and in the planning, introduction and application of training quality measures.

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