girlsatec - girls in technology vocations

Assistance and development of the girlsatec project

Summary description

K.o.s GmbH supports and assists ABB Training Center GmbH & Co. KG in the implementation of the girlsatec project. Our services encompass support, consulting, and assistance in both project development and project management, as well as with public awareness work for the girlsatec project.

Tasks and goals

The Berlin girlsatec project provides girls, young women, parents and schools with information and assistance regarding the content and career possibilities in industrial-technical vocations. Through a diverse range of opportunities, the project aims to dispel fears associated with industrial-technical vocations. Concurrently, the project calls upon companies to establish internships and vocational training opportunities for women. This helps to break down sex-based stereotypes which often still govern the career decisions of girls and young women.
Framed against the backdrop of the demand for specialized personnel and the demographic shift, the project takes a multi-leveled approach to sensitizing girls, parents, schools and companies, as well as supporting and enabling the education and training of girls for technical vocations.

The video "girlsatec wanted! Girls Wanted for Technical Vocations" features young women who have opted to train for industrial-technical careers.

Hiring young women as trainees in the Berlin business community represents a building block in the effort to counter the shortfall of skilled workers and the demographic shift. In this context, the project creates a linkage with the BerlinArbeit (BerlinWorks) initiative of the Berlin Senate Administration for Employment, Integration, and Women.


ABB Ausbildungszentrum Berlin gGmbH

The ABB Ausbildungszentrum Berlin gGmbH is carrying out the project on behalf of the Berlin Senate Administration for Employment, Integration, and Women.

Contact Person
Semiramis Ceylan-Ahlborn
Telefone: +49 (0)30 2887 565 14
Frank Schröder
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