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Quality Framework for Lower Saxony

Summary description:
Assistance with quality assurance for counseling offices in Lower Saxony involves the development and application of uniform quality criteria, as well as their implementation, taking into account the specific requirements applicable to Lower Saxony.
The k.o.s GmbH quality concept, together with quality requirements and elements, forms the basis for the sustainable description of quality for educational counseling in Lower Saxony. We coordinated and defined a specific quality framework for use in Lower Saxony.
k.o.s supports the introduction and implementation of quality assurance, the description of implemented quality measures, and a sustainable quality development practice through consulting, workshops and commenting on quality certificates. We provide working aids and documentation templates.

The goal is the introduction of quality assurance and implementation of a uniform quality framework for the educational counseling network of Lower Saxony in cooperation with the agency for adult and continuing education (AEWB) and in coordination with counseling offices.
The first phase (2010-2012) consists of an initial assessment and implementation of quality measures in counseling offices in Lower Saxony based on a quality report. The implementation is accompanied by group workshops.
The in-depth phase (starting in 2013) supports and assists in the review and verification of quality measures and is concerned with reflecting upon the implemented quality goals and characteristics. Sustainable quality development is promoted in the form of workshops on development aspects, such as the counseling process, and through on-site quality audits.

Introduction: 03/01/2010 -12/31/2013
Establishment: 01/01/2014 -12/31/2016

This project is being carried out on behalf of and in cooperation with the Agency for Adult and Continuing Education and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture.

Contact Person
Frank Schröder
Telefone: +49 (0)30 2887 565 10