Educational Counseling

Quality development and professionalization in educational counseling

Promotion of lifelong learning and increasingly flexible and discontinuous career paths form the central challenges involved in training counseling. Development of concepts and approaches are needed that empower people in their personal and professional lives and equip them to for new career challenges.

A discussion is unfolding against this backdrop on conditions and prerequisites for promoting high-quality educational counseling. In addition to the professionalization of counselors, quality models are of critical importance for the successful and sustainable establishment of counseling concepts.

Drawing upon our many years of real-world experience in counseling organizations in Berlin, we have developed a quality concept for educational counseling that promotes quality development in educational counseling. The fundamental concept behind quality assurance and development is an orientation to the issues and needs of counseling clients described in a mission statement and specific quality targets for counseling services.

We advise and assist interested organizations involved in educational counseling, as well as educational policy actors in the development and design of suitable quality assurance approaches. In doing so, we draw upon our insights developing our "Berlin Model," and lower Saxony's quality framework for educational counseling.
We, together with others in the field, play an active part in regional and supra-regional projects.

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