Qualitätsentwicklung im IQ Netzwerk Berlin

Introduction of a quality management system in the Berlin IQ network

Summary description:
The IQ Network is a national network and part of the government support program Integration through Qualification IQ, which aims to improve the integration of immigrants into the German job market and monitor implementation of the new German educational-qualification recognition legislation.
The IQ Network promotes the establishment and interconnection of regional, highly targeted counseling and support services in 16 regional networks. The IQ Network Berlin is coordinated through the office of the director of integration for the Berlin Senate, includes seven project partners, and is dedicated to three key issues: official recognition of qualifications obtained in foreign countries by adult immigrants, bringing together immigration-related organizations, and the qualifications, training, consulting and supervision of key players in the job market.
Information about the IQ Network Berlin


K.o.s GmbH supports and assists the counseling offices of the IQ Network Berlin with the introduction and establishment of quality assurance and quality development through the implementation of a framework of essential quality elements for educational-qualification recognition counseling within the IQ Network. A second phase of this project will address quality aspects, such as personnel development and interface management, and also support continuous quality development.
The goal and mission is the empowerment of counselors and other responsible persons within the program to perform self-sufficient implementation and development of quality measures for educational-qualification recognition counseling within the framework of the IQ Network. The key issues are clarifying and agreeing upon identity, definitions, goals, and central tasks of qualification-recognition counseling in light of uniform federal requirements and regulations in the support program and in the overall network, as well as involvement of the educational-qualification recognition office.

Our work is based on our experience in the development of suitable quality approaches, our assistance with quality assurance in Berlin training counseling offices, and our quality concept for training and counseling.
We have generated a summarized portrait of the quality framework for qualification-recognition counseling.

Intensive development resulted in the definition and introduction of common guidelines and processes designed to ensure successful and effective educational-qualification recognition counseling and assistance, as well as enable evaluation of results.
The IQ Network collected and published the experiences and findings of the quality development process in its own volume. This volume, as well as the brochures and mission statement of the program, are available on the IQ Network Berlin web portal. Publications of the IQ Network Berlin.

Following the conference on quality development in educational-qualification recognition counseling (late 2013), we published exhaustive documentation.


Phase 1: 11/2012 - 09/2013
Phase 2: 10/2013 - 12/2014

Representative of the Berlin Senate Administration for Integration and Migration - IQ Network Berlin - Berlin Senate Administration for Employment, Integration, and Women.

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