Koordinierungsstelle Qualität

Creating quality and efficiency in continuing education

Demographic developments and continuous technological changes have made it necessary to increase or introduce corporate qualification efforts. Businesses and the job market are oriented toward real-world approaches and concepts for assuring the availability of specialists and increased continuing education for employees. This serves to maintain employability for both companies and their employees.

Efforts focus on the promotion of professional and vocational continuing education and lifelong learning to enable the development of suitable and appropriate concepts. The transition towards in-house or other hands-on training arrangements has resulted in a change of conditions for training providers.
The focus is on greater proximity to the job market and industry on the part of the provider and training personnel, as well as training services with a higher level of flexibility and diversity.
Among the relevant topics for the transition in training organizations are: Retaining and developing specialists, modularization and orientation to training services outcomes, employability, demography, and lifelong learning.
Quality assurance and development, as well as professionalization of continuing education and consultancy personnel make it easier to plan, implement and secure learning-outcome-oriented and efficient qualification and training services, while taking learners into account.

Project goals and tasks

The Quality Coordination Office project develops and implements educational products and activities with the aim of linking and offering practical assistance for structural changes, modernization efforts, and approaches to innovation. In Berlin, we support and assist with efforts to improve the quality of continuing education, training and qualification consulting - as well as related fields - through workshops, quality working groups, seminars, and specialist exchanges.
We analyze and develop concepts and models for the promotion of quality in educational organizations and professionalization of training personnel and transfer them into practical solutions. We integrate theoretical and academic principles with practical approaches in order to use parallel development of the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge. In doing so, we draw on the best practices of existing findings and experience from the previous project and other projects in the German state of Berlin.

Findings and transfer

Documentation from workshops, seminars, specialist exchanges and selected publications serve both to transfer knowledge and findings, as well as experience from practice in Berlin. The online series of German papers, entitled "weiter gelernt," ("Education continued”) develops findings into practical application concepts and publishes them.

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