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Support and assistance in quality and competence development

k.o.s GmbH promotes and supports quality and competence development in organizations involved with initial and continuing education, as well as in counseling organizations and small and medium sized enterprises. To this end, we have linked aspects of organizational and personnel development with quality management as well as customer orientation in order to support organizations in better meeting the expectations for quality, professionalism, transparency and consumer protection.

Suitable quality concepts, qualification approaches that promote learning, and innovative project development are responses to training and employment-policy problem sets while supporting action and results-oriented design. Quality, in this sense, is not a fixed quantity but rather an organizational development practice carried forward by leaders and their employees. This requires an open, results-oriented communication style and work environment.

The result of a successful support practice are quality development and clients who learn dependent and foundational approaches so that organizations and or teams can design and develop their own quality management systems in a more proactive and competent way.

Our product and services profile:
We plan and carry out quality and competence development projects in the fields of professional and vocational training and continuing education, career and training counselling, and in small and medium-sized enterprises in the following key areas:

  • Consulting and assistance with quality development in the fields of continuing education, training counseling, and qualification counseling
  • Project development and implementation in the area of initial and continuing education, as well as development of application appropriate and tailored concepts
  • Coordination and assistance with initiatives and projects in the field of personnel and organizational development, as well as lifelong learning

As members of networks and panels, we take part in discussions on the issues of quality, competency development, and innovation in professional qualification, as well as strategies for overcoming shortfalls of trained personnel.

The staff at k.o.s GmbH base their approach on exchange-based partnerships, communication that places a high premium on values, and cooperation based on mutual trust with our clients.
Our clients are public and private institutions and organizations in the field of initial professional and vocational education and training, as well as continuing education.


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Frank Schröder
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