Continuing and Adult Education

Promotion and support of quality and competency development in continuing and adult education

Quality development work in continuing and adult education is often characterized by legal and normative requirements. Of primary importance in this regard is Germany's Accreditation and Admission Regulation (Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung, or AZAV). In addition, a broad range of quality management systems and processes have been developed or adapted specially for continuing education.

k.o.s GmbH advises and assists education providers in selecting a suitable quality management system, and in the application and design of quality organizational and pedagogical systems. A guiding principle in our work, apart from the formal fulfillment of quality requirements, is orienting quality development work toward continuous improvement of training and employment conditions, particularly for trainees, trainers, employees. The focus is on instruction and learning against the backdrop of individual expectations, as well as clients' requirements.

Interested education providers can take advantage of tailored consulting services as well as our professional development and workshops for support and assistance in their quality assurance efforts.

In addition, we are actively involved in quality and competency development, as well as continuing and adult education. We respond to current developments in the employment and education market in conjunction education practitioners, and derive appropriate courses of action accordingly.

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