Our services

k.o.s GmbH supports and assists organizational and personnel development in companies, organizations and public institutions in the fields of initial professional and vocational education and training, continuing/adult education, and education and career counseling.

We advise companies and organizations in the development of strategies and goals, planning and improving processes, procedures and structures, and with documentation. We assist in the development of required competencies at both the employee and the leadership level.
In doing so, we draw on years of experience and diverse expertise in the fields of consulting, workshops, professional development, auditing and evaluation, and in the form of our own in-house concepts.
We distil our experiences and acquired knowledge and publish it in the form of working aids and other publications.
We develop and implement projects and products for public and private clients in the following areas:

Continuing education

k.o.s assists continuing education facilities with quality management, competency development, and pedagogic continuing education practices.

Initial vocational education and training

k.o.s offers assistance and support in the development of quality measures for initial vocational training programs, as well as systematic planning and implementation of training in companies with trainee programs.

Education counseling

k.o.s assists and supports counseling organizations in the planning, design, and evaluation of people-centered consulting quality and the implementation of quality models for educational counseling.

Qualification consulting

k.o.s assists and supports quality and competency development in consulting organizations in the fields of vocational and continuing education, as well as personnel development.

In the provision of these services, we use both our own quality models - e.g. in educational counseling and initial training - and industry-related quality approaches and concepts, as well as project designs to optimize applicability and implementation.